Level 2 Calisthenics Trainer


‘’ we were given magnificent talents that would remain largely unopened except through our own decision and effort. Because of these talents, the potential within an individual is tremendous, even infinite’’

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After developing a strong successful foundation in level 1 calisthenics trainer workshop, level 2 calisthenics trainer workshop is the best continuation to maximize your physical abilities and you will find everything you need to know about street workout and advanced calisthenics movements.


Anti-gravity training would like to introduce our bodyweight strength training authority, Abdullah Abu-Aysheh (Master instructor). He will be leading level 2 calisthenics Trainer workshop.


What does the workshop have to offer you…?


Who am I?


At the core, there is one simple, overarching reason why so many personal trainers remain unsatisfied in their work and why they failed to draw out the greatest talents, ingenuity and creativity within themselves and never become truly great, enduring personal trainers. It stems from an incomplete paradigm of who we are – our fundamental view of human nature. Who we are is not our job, our name or the labels we have given ourselves through the years. Who we are is underneath all of that, and through this workshop will guide you to discover it.


Along with this form of certification, all attendees will be able to receive a copy of our textbook “Level 2 Calisthenics Trainer Manual” that features all of the course’s contents. The manual will only be given to those who attend the training workshop.`




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