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Inspire and lead others by understanding yourself


The Leadership Programme is designed to help you develop your personal leadership skills. You will learn to inspire and lead others by understanding yourself, how you relate to the people you work with and the leadership challenges you face.

Who is the programme for?

You will already have experience in a leadership role and perhaps be at a point where the requirement to lead and influence people is becoming increasingly significant in determining your success. You are likely to be responsible for teams of people and/or projects and be measured in terms of your effectiveness in influencing others within the organisation. If you now feel the need to reflect on your leadership effectiveness and take steps to further develop as a leader, this programme is for you.


Benefits to the individual


  1. Understanding of yourself as a leader; your strengths and weaknesses in this role and to utilise these for best advantage
  2. Go away with a strong set of frameworks to look at leadership effectiveness in yourself and others
  3. Develop clear goals and a powerful commitment to improve your personal leadership effectiveness


Benefits to the organisation


  1. This programme helps good leaders raise the bar and understand what it takes - both from within themselves and through their influence on the wider organisation - to deliver high performance and transformational results. It can mark a significant change in a leaders' effectiveness and career direction.
  2. You can expect to review a range of leadership frameworks and explore how to manage the pressures of delivering high performance. The emphasis throughout is on application, to help you become a better leader in the context in which you work now whilst building skills for the future.


Whether you believe that leaders are born or made, we can make help to bring out the leader within

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