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Anti Gravity Training  fitness assessment is a great way to evaluate your current fitness level. It includes a series of measurements that helps to determine your current fitness level.

What you should know and how to prepare





A physical activity readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q) was created by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.The main purpose of a PAR-Q is to highlight any associated medical risks that could affect you while taking part in body weight training.



It is imperative to complete the assessment and measurement of health and fitness before you start your training program. it helps me in the design, development and management of the Anti Gravity Training program. The *ACSM (2010) explains that fitness assessment and testing Educates you about the current fitness levels in relation to your age and gender norms.

American College of Sports Medicine,2010. Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription. 8th ed. Lippincott Williams & Watkins.


Anti Gravity Training fitness assessment includes:

1. Muscular Strength and Endurance

2. Posture analysis

3. Body Measurement ( Waist, Hip, Wrist)

4. Cardio-Respiratory Fitness (on Treadmill/ Optional)

Cooper 1.5 Mile Run (2.4 KM)


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